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Construction regions

Construction Outlook: January 2019

The latest ONS data show GB construction output growth weakening from 7% in 2017, to 1.4% by 2018 Q3. We estimate growth of 1.5% for 2018, while for 2019 we expect output to decline by around 1.5%. Output is forecast to fall again in 2020. The growth slowdown seen in 2018 relates to repair & … Read More

Construction Outlook: October 2018

The latest ONS data show the volume of GB construction output rising by around 6% in 2017. With this rise, industry output is almost 30% above that in 2012. By the end of 2018, private housing, now the largest GB construction market, will be double the volume seen in 2012. Help to Buy has underpinned … Read More

Construction Outlook: July 2018

The latest ONS data show the volume of GB construction output rising by close to 6% in 2017. With this rise industry output is 27% above that in 2012. Private housing and commercial building have been the principal growth drivers since 2012, although the outlook for these markets is one of change. Weak business confidence … Read More

Construction Regions: May 2018

Hewes & Associates’ latest regional construction forecast provides new work output forecasts (public & private housing, infrastructure, public non-housing, industrial, commercial) and repair & maintenance output forecasts (housing, public non-housing, private non-housing, infrastructure) for all 11 regions of Great Britain, covering the years 2018 – 2020.  Macro-economic forecasts for each region are also included, as … Read More