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What is Hewes & Associates?

Hewes & Associates is a leading provider of forecasting, information and data services to the construction and related industries. It has over twenty years experience analysing and forecasting UK construction, and over this time has built up a substantial portfolio of services and clients.

What do we provide?


Our main business is forecasting. Our publications include Construction Outlook (GB building and infrastructure forecasts) and Construction Regions (GB regional construction forecasts). We also undertake ad-hoc forecasts based upon clients’ requirements. These vary from data provision, to in-depth market reports. Examples include: fit-out data and forecasts; county construction forecasts regional housebuilding forecasts; detailed infrastructure forecasts.


Hewes & Associates has undertaken a portfolio of surveys for various trade magazine. These include: Top 150 Contractors & Housebuilders’ performance and the Top 250 Consultants’ workloads survey. We have over twenty years experience in survey design and compilation.

Corporate Intelligence

We have over twenty years experience sourcing and analysing corporate information, on a variety of construction companies. Examples include: workload analysis of top major contractors; profitability and performance reviews of regional contractors; major contractors’ procurement trends; annual report on top 150 GB construction companies.

Market Data & Research

Our industry knowledge enables us to source and provide a vast amount of market data. Examples include: major projects data; public building repair data; infrastructure renewals data; specific contracts data; and construction activity by city.

Hewes Q&A Sheets

We also release, on an add-hoc basis, question and answer (Q&A) sheets, delving into various construction industry topics and data issues.  Recent examples include: How large an influence does housing have on the economy? Is construction larger than we think? Housing need, housing demand – what’s the difference?  Recent Q&A sheets can be found under Downloads

Why Use Hewes & Associates

Why use Hewes & Associates? The three major concerns of clients are price, quality and speed of service. Our access to, and knowledge of, a wide range of information enables a speedy and cost effective service, while quality is ensured by our expert knowledge, insight and experience. Whatever your requirements, therefore, you need look no further than Hewes & Associates.