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Latest Forecasts

Construction Outlook: October 2021

The UK economy has staged a reasonably robust recovery from Covid lockdowns, although inflation, supply chain issue, and goods and labour shortages show that lockdowns come with lingering economic consequences. Implementing Covid lockdowns and restrictions was a relatively easy process; dealing with the after-effects will likely be a far from easy process. After declining by … Read More

Construction Outlook: July 2021

As the UK economy emerges from Covid restrictions, with retail and other businesses opening up, the hope is that a return to normality will ensue over late summer/early autumn. Less positively, emerging Covid strains, continued restrictions on international travel, and the prospect of constraints lingering or being re-imposed, somewhat dampens the outlook. After declining by … Read More

Construction Outlook: April 2021

The UK economy contracted by almost 10% in 2020, and the construction industry by 14%. The volume of construction orders fell by 13%. Meanwhile, despite growth over the final half of 2020, the economy was, in early 2021, 8% below that a year earlier when viewing monthly data. As the UK economy emerges from its … Read More

Construction Outlook: January 2021

The UK economy is estimated to have contracted by 11-12% in 2020.  Although most sectors of the economy rebounded strongly following the end of the first lockdown, the imposition of new restrictions from October 2020, followed by more lockdowns, resulted in a weak end to 2020, and an uncertain start to 2021 – for the … Read More


With the majority of 2020 behind us, it appears the UK economy will suffer a contraction of close to 10% this year. While most sectors of the economy rebounded strongly following the end of lockdown, the imposition of new restrictions, and local lockdowns, implies restrained economic conditions over late 2020 and into 2021. Assuming certain … Read More

Construction outlook: Summer 2020

The Coronavirus-inspired economic lockdown suggests the UK will endure a deep recession in 2020,of close to 12% according to our estimates. Assuming certain sectors of the economy sustain lasting damage, and consumers are generally more cautious, the outlook for GDP, while one of growth beyond mid-2020, is one of gradual recovery as opposed to swift … Read More

Construction Outlook: Winter 2020

The latest macro-economic data reveal 2019 as being another year of relatively weak GDP growth – 1.4% compared with 1.3% recorded in 2018.  We expect growth to remain weak over 2020 and 2021, primarily due to sustained softness in consumption. Construction output volumes rose by an estimated 2% in 2019, which compares with near stability … Read More

Construction Regions: December 2019

Hewes & Associates’ latest regional construction forecast provides new work output forecasts (public & private housing, infrastructure, public non-housing, industrial, commercial) and repair & maintenance output forecasts (housing, public non-housing, private non-housing, infrastructure) for all 11 regions of Great Britain, covering the years 2019 – 2021.  Macro-economic forecasts for each region are also included, as … Read More

Construction Outlook: October 2019

Our latest GB construction forecasts take account of the most recent ONS construction output release (October 2019) which contains historical data revisions. The new data set show output rising by just 0.1% in 2018 , while over the twelve months to June 2019 output increased by 1.5%. This reading, along with weaker orders and economic … Read More

Construction Outlook: July 2019

The latest GB construction data reveal change, with five years of growth giving way to near stability in 2018. The 0.3% of growth recorded for 2018 – a figure revised from the first estimate of 0.7% growth – was the result of decline in public non-housing and commercial building, alongside weaker growth in private housing. … Read More