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Construction Regions: November 2018

Hewes & Associates’ latest regional construction forecast provides new work output forecasts (public & private housing, infrastructure, public non-housing, industrial, commercial) and repair & maintenance output forecasts (housing, public non-housing, private non-housing, infrastructure) for all 11 regions of Great Britain, covering the years 2018 – 2020.  Macro-economic forecasts for each region are also included, as are tables of supporting data.

Some highlights of the report:

  • Over the years 2018 – 2020 the West Midlands and the North West are forecast to experience the strongest pace of growth in new work construction output.
  • For the first time since 2012/2013, private housebuilding starts declined in some regions during the first half of 2018.
  • Public housing is forecast to benefit from increased activity in the local authority sector, although for many regions this will be from a very low base.
  • Infrastructure is forecast to grow strongly in the West Midlands and South West in particular. In London, decline in residential and commercial work will offset growth in other sectors.